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However, I prefer to call it explicitly and handle all validation at once since you most likely will take action only if the entire control’s children pass validation. The most important thing to recognize here is how precise you can be with the validation error message in the error provider.

Right now, the button does nothing, besides posting back if the page is valid.

I have a routine to handle textbox.validating, and I have the form setup so the Cancel button is the Cancel button. I am going to start a new thread - calling it a bug and see what happens. Down (Down Arrow) and some how (and I never figured this one out) the next control in the tab order, regardless of the Tab Stop property, got focus. Causes Validation = False Public Class Form1 Private mbln Cancel As Boolean Private Sub Text Box1_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. -- Terry "Al Reid" wrote: Terry, I tried the same scenario in VB6 and found that it works the way one would expect AND there is no need for the m Cancel flag either.

WHen the user clicks on the cancel button, the textbox.validating is being called. Darin *** Sent via Developersdex I know that, but the problem is when the user clicks EXIT, the textbox.validating event is called BEFORE the cancel.click is done, so the textbox is being validated. I reprogrammed the device to only send the CR and now the problem is solved. Does look like a bug or perhaps and Undocumented System Feature!

//i know i can do this all in design view , but i want this to be done Dynamically. Event Args e) protected void btn_Click(object sender, Event Args e) -please let me know where i went wrong.

-Thanks for your time I have an idea you can check. Check the @Page directive at the top of your file to be sure (though I've never been able to program with it set to false).


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