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Joseph Jacobs (29 August 1854 – 30 January 1916) was an Australian folklorist, literary critic, social scientist, historian and writer of English literature who became a notable collector and publisher of English folklore.

His work went on to popularize some of the world's best known versions of English fairy tales including "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Goldilocks and the three bears", "The Three Little Pigs", "Jack the Giant Killer" and "The History of Tom Thumb".

It was fun for "group" get togethers, but, what really excites me is my work!

' The New York-born designer took to Instagram to reveal he was leaving Grindr, telling followers: 'Goodbye (for now) Grindr!

He told her that while he was living in Britain, he was currently doing engineering work in Nigeria.

They exchanged messages and she even spoke several times on the phone to a man claiming to be her online date.

He also edited editions of The Thousand and One Nights.

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Two weeks later, he called again saying he was unable to pay the bill because his money was tied up in the UK – and asked for her help.'When he spoke he had a slight South African accent, which I found quite endearing.

We talked about everything under the sun – families, relationships, hobbies, interests, pets, our past.

His first significant role was playing Jake in an episode of Major Crimes.

In addition to his acting career, he's also a dancer for a Los Angeles based dance crew. He starred opposite Paloma Kwiatkowski in the 2015 Lifetime movie Wuthering High School.


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