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If you just follow my steps, I’ll get your Mac connected to your vx8300 or your vx9800 with no problem.Although the 1x speed is not quite as fast as a high-speed broadband connection, it is acceptable and comes in handy when traveling and without internet.The instructions given for the vx9800 phone also happen to work with the vx8300 phone, and probably many other models, as well.You’d think setting up DUN with your Verizon LG phone with your Mac would be a piece of cake, right? You cannot just simply go through the setup assistant and start surfing the web via your phone.To enable (or disable) PAP authentication, you must go through several steps in the Terminal.Even though these steps are very self-explanatory, those of you afraid of the command line might just want to stay away from this hint.I am eligible to upgrade now, But want to keep the UDP.

At 4.64x2.08x0.78 inches, it's thinner and narrower than its predecessor (4.57x1.97x1.0 inches) even if it is a tad taller.

It has a skinny and wide rectangular shape, a small external display, and a flat number keypad, all of which makes it look a little like a calculator.

Measuring 4.11 inches long by 2.13 inches wide by 0.65 inch thick, the En V3 is just a tiny bit taller than the En V2, and it weighs in at 3.77 ounces, which is a little lighter than the En V2's 4.23 ounces.

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